Adds custom and detailed Chromecast support to Flowplayer 7

This example displays the basic usage of the chromecast plugin feature in a playlist. If chromecast is detected it will display an icon in the controlbar to launch.

The playlist feature supports Chromecast Receiver queued playlists. Each item can be navigated to with the player's next/prev api. Each item is managed by the custom receiver.

Custom information in the castInfo can be added to each playlist item or within a single clip config.


The Chromecast plugin enables playback and control of Chromecast.

This feature has been fully updated to the current Chromecast CAF Sender and Receiver Framework. With a custom receiver application provided.

The new CAF Receiver framework now handles vast ads in ad breaks managed by the receiver. Vast ads from Flowplayer are supported in the receiver and will reflect what is configured.

The new CAF Receiver supports required format configs for HLS including TS, Fragmented Mp4. And for alternative audio AAC, TS, AC-3 surround.

When offering AC-3 surround audio tracks. This works as a passthrough so Chromecast requires to be connected to a TV or Dolby decoder that supports AC-3 audio codecs.

When launched from the player the current stream will begin playback on the Chromecast connected TV at the current streamtime.

The Chromecast can be detached to continue playback within the browser.

Custom receiver application support is provided to handle encrypted DRM Dash, audio and text track selection from HLS or Dash and custom messaging or media url resolving.

Queued playlists are supported and managed by the Chromecast CAF custom receiver.

New items can be added to the queue when casting and then return to the player playlist.

HLS text and audio track selections support while casting.

An api method is available to manually request session.


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